Sites I've Been Into Recently

SpaceHey - A MySpace clone created by the brilliant An! A great haven of HTML, CSS and the emo aesthetics of yesteryear.

I'm Fine I'm Fine Just Understand - The new home for ND Stevenson's autobiogrphical comics about gender and mental health! It's nice to see their work on a platform that (altough it has many problems) allows for a more personal feel again.

Stumbled - A revival of StumbleUpon. It's not quite as good as it's predecessor but I've found many fun sites through it.

Hiveworks Comics - A metric buttload of great webcomics! #goals

Sad Grl Online - The homepage of Sadness, another Neocities webmaster. They share the same feelings about the modern web as I do. They've not only assembled an amazing site but it's full of resources and tools (some built by Sadness) as well!

Opencore Legacy Patcher - An amazing tool to bring your old Mac computers back from the dead. Recently used it to upgrade a 2009 iMac to Monterey - Apple's latest version of MacOS! Is it slow? YES. Is it a little wonky sometimes? YES. But if you're just looking for something to handle basic tasks or, like me, want to use it to work from home while having the latest updates... then it's absolutely worth it. -chefs kiss-